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2022 Annual Meeting Program Committee22AM
2022 Local Advisory Committee22LAC
2023 Local Advisory Committee23LAC
Annual Meeting Virtual Components Task Force IIVIRT AM TF
Archive CommitteeARCHIVE
Book Award CommitteeBKAW
Bylaws CommitteeBYLW
Ceremonial Resolutions CommitteeCERR
Cheryl L. Wase Scholarship CommitteeCLW
Committee for Media OutreachMEDR
Committee on Annual Meeting SafetyAMSAFETY
Committee on Award for Excellence in Archaeological AnalysisARAW
Committee on Awards and ScholarshipsAWRD
Committee on Climate Change Strategies and Arch. ResourcesCCSAR
Committee on CurriculumCURC
Committee on EthicsETHC
Committee on Museums, Collections and CurationCURA
Committee on Native American RelationsNATR
Committee on RepatriationREPA
Committee on the AmericasAMER
Committee on the Status of Women in ArchaeologySTAS
Council of Allied SocietiesCNAS
Council of CouncilsCOC
Crabtree Award CommitteeCRAW
DAA Pilot Project Task ForceDAAPPTF
Dienje Kenyon Fellowship CommitteeKENY
Dissertation Award CommitteeDIAW
Ex in Curation, Collect. Mgmt & Collect. Research & EduEXCINCCC
Excellence in Cultural Resource Management Award CommitteeCULT
Excellence in Latin American and Caribbean Archaeology AwardLATINEX
Excellence in Public Education Awards CommitteePBEX
Executive CommitteeEXCM
Findings Verification CommitteeFVC
Fred Plog Memorial Fellowship CommitteeFRDP
Fryxell Award CommitteeFRYX
Fundraising CommitteeFUND
Gene S. Stuart Award CommitteeSTAW
Geoarchaeology Awards CommitteeGEOARCH-AW
Government Affairs CommitteeGOVT
H. and T. King Grant for Pre-Columbian Arch Review CommitteeTF GRANT PCA
International Goverment Affairs CommitteeIGOV
Investment CommitteeINVF
Lifetime Achievement Award CommitteeLFAW
Matthew Tobin Cappetta Scholarship CommitteeCAPPETTA
Minority Scholarships CommitteeMINSHIP
Native American Scholarships CommitteeNATS
Nominating CommitteeNOMC
Public Education CommitteePBED
Publications CommitteePUBL
Student Affairs CommitteeSTUD
Student Paper Award CommitteeSTUP
Student Poster Award CommitteeSTPO
Survey Project Oversight CommitteeSURV
Task Force on Annual Meeting Submission Evaluation ProcessTF SUBMISSIONS
Task Force on DecolonizationTF DECOLONIZE
Task Force on IntersectionalityTF INTSEC I
Task Force on Sharing Public Outcomes of CRMTF SHARECRM
Task Force on Social Justice in ArchaeologyTF SOCJUS
Task Force on the Conferencia IntercontinentalTF-CONF-INT
Teaching Awards CommitteeTAC
TF on Revisions of SAA Principles of Arch. Ethics: Stage 3TF REVETHICS 3