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NameTerm EndsTitle
Kenneth R. Aitchison, Ph. D., RPA4/5/2024Member67595941
Salpi Bocchieriyan, M.A., RPA4/5/2024Member67609688
Adrian S.Z. Chase4/5/2024Member67591825
Katherine L. Chiou, PhD, RPA5/1/2026Member67585705
Andrew Elijah MacIver, M.A.4/5/2024Member67612965
Spencer Ramsay Pelton, Ph. D, RPA4/5/2024Member67605658
Daniel M. Perez, Ph.D., RPA5/1/2026Member67599644
Kenneth Barnett Tankersley, Ph.D.4/5/2024Member67581377

Committee Charge & Composition


Committee Charge:

The Committee on Ethics is charged with promoting discussion and education about ethical issues in archaeology, and proposing revisions, as necessary, of the Principles of Archaeological Ethics. The committee is not charged with enforcement powers or responsibilities.

Committee Composition:

Standing Committee; composed of a chair and 6-8 members, including at least two students.


Click here for the committee's ethics resources.

Committee Reports:

2022 Spring Committee Report (2022)

2023 Spring Committee Report (2023)