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Deborah L. Nichols Meeting Access Grants
Deborah L. Nichols Meeting Access Grants endowment proceeds will support conference grants in her name to annual meetings in 2025 and beyond.
The Ofer Bar-Yosef Fund
The Ofer Bar-Yosef Fund as a donor restricted endowment fund to provide revenue for the Ofer Bar-Yosef Scholarships. The Ofer Bar-Yosef scholarships will assist promising PhD candidates who have completed their coursework by supporting completion of superlative dissertations in Paleolithic or Neolithic archaeology in Africa, Asia, Australia, and Europe.
Student Excellence in Archaeology Scholarships
Your contribution to the Student Excellence in Archaeology Scholarship (SEAS) (formerly the Historically Underrepresented Groups Scholarship) helps underrepresented minorities obtain field training and degrees in archaeology. HUGS provides funding to minority archaeology students at the graduate and undergraduate level, helping them enhance their education and successfully prepare for a variety of careers in archaeology and heritage management.
Matthew Tobin Cappetta Archaeological Scholarship Award
Donations to this endowment support a scholarship that helps cover tuition, required fees, and books or course materials for one or more graduate students (Master's or Ph.D) to complete a graduate degree in archaeology or anthropology in memory of Matthew Tobin Cappetta.
Unrestricted Gift
Your unrestricted contribution allows SAA to serve its members by addressing its highest priorities, including funding scholarships, improving the annual meeting, and advocating for best practices in all arenas of archaeology.
Public Education Fund
Your contribution to the Public Education Endowment Fund helps SAA promote awareness of and concern for the study of past cultures, and supports SAA’s efforts to engage people in the preservation and protection of heritage resources.
Dienje Kenyon Fund
Your contribution to the Dienje M. E. Kenyon Fund supports an endowed fellowship offered to a female archaeologist in the early stages of graduate zooarchaeology training. The Fellowship honors the late Dienje M. E. Kenyon.
H. and T. King Grants Fund
H. and T. King Grants Fund supports the H. and T. King Grants for Archaeology of the Ancient Americas, one-year research grants to support transformative field and collections research.

Native American Scholarships Fund
Your contribution to the Native American Scholarships Fund helps build an endowment that supports a sense of shared purpose and positive interaction between archaeologists and Native Americans. The Fund supports Native American students and tribal members through the Arthur C. Parker Scholarship and the SAA Native American Graduate and Undergraduate Scholarships.
General Endowment Fund
Your contribution to the SAA General Endowment Fund ensures that SAA is able to pursue strategies that sustain the organization over the years, maintain its financial health, and preserve its values, ethics, and integrity.
Lewis Binford Fund
Your contribution supports the purposes of the Lewis R. Binford Endowment Fund for Teaching Scientific Reasoning in Archaeology, which are 1) to encourage curriculum development in all levels of archaeology courses with a deliberate focus on teaching critical thinking and scientific reasoning skills, 2) to reward individuals and institutions that develop excellent examples of such curricula, and 3) to promote the sharing of ideas and materials relating to these efforts.
Douglas C. Kellogg Fund
Your contribution to the Douglas C. Kellogg Fund supports an endowed fellowship for dissertation research, with emphasis on fieldwork and/or laboratory portions of this research, for graduate students in the earth sciences and archaeology. This fellowship honors the late Douglas C. Kellogg.
SAA Archives Fund
Your gift will help process the SAA Papers at the National Anthropological Archives or to help the Society generate funding mechanisms for this end.
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