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Lindsay Bloch, Ph.D.4/1/2022Member67585894
Chelsea M. Cohen, M.S.4/5/2024Member67613780
Rachel Fernandez, M.A.4/1/2022Member67608480
Billie Follensbee, Ph.D.4/5/2024Member66122800
Mary Furlong Minkoff, RPA4/5/2024Member67597178
Vivienne Hayes3/31/2023Member67611539
C. L. Kieffer, RPA3/31/2023Member67581789
Todd Christopher McMahon4/5/2024Member67612005
Amy Phillips4/5/2024Member67609503
Tim Riley, Ph.D.4/5/2024Member67571465
Paola A. Schiappacasse, Ph.D, RPA4/5/2024Member67603012
Gabriel M. Yanicki, Ph.D.4/1/2022Member67599904

Committee Charge & Composition


Committee Charge:

The Committee is charged to promote awareness, concern, and support for archaeological collections, associated records and reports, and the long-term Curation of collections and associated records. It advises the Board on issues and policies relating to the management of archaeological collections and museums, and responds to pressing issues affecting the SAA community. Priority is given to the proper Curation of archaeological collections and associated records.

Committee Composition:

Advisory committee; composed of a chair and up to 12 members, including at least two students. Members should represent government agencies (federal and state), museums and repositories (federal, state, university, private, and tribal), CRM firms, Native American communities, archivists (paper and digital), and conservators.