NameTerm EndsTitleEmail
Ryan Scott Hechler, M.A.4/16/2021Chairrhechler@tulane.edu67585482



NameTerm End Date
There are no records.


NameTerm EndsTitle
Kaitlyn N. Ball3/31/2023Member67611324
Elizabeth K. Cruzado Carranza4/16/2021Member67591985
Kelsey Hanson, M.S.4/11/2022Member67601901
Corey Herrmann, M.A.4/1/2022Member67599457
Corey K. S. Hoover3/31/2023Member67603540
Nathan Klembara, M.A.4/16/2021Member67607116
Jo Osborn4/16/2021Member67601277
William S. Pratt4/16/2021Member67593244

Committee Charge & Composition


Committee Charge:

The Student Affairs Committee works with the Board to generate new methods for recruiting students into the society and works toward the integration of students as professionals in archaeology.

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Committee Composition:

Advisory Committee; composed of a chair, 8 members, and the immediate past chair serving ex officio. The Manager, Membership and Marketing serves as staff liaison.