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NameTerm EndsTitle
Ryan H. Collins, Ph.D.4/5/2024Member67589679
Jessica W. Cook Hale, PhD3/31/2023Member67599891
Suanna Selby Crowley, Ph.D, RPA4/5/2024Member66650800
Andrea Vianello, Ph.D.4/5/2024Member67603433
John Benedict, MLS3/31/2023Member67613779
Katharine Ellenberger4/5/2024Member67590699
Joshua C. Massey3/31/2023Member67602264
Elic M. Weitzel4/1/2022Member67593301
Nezahualcoyotl Xiuhtecutli, MA4/1/2022Member67573235

Committee Charge & Composition


Committee Charge:

To serve the membership by being a resource for members for current best practices when working with the media, in all its various formats (digital, print, video, audio, social media, etc.). Among its projects is the organization of a session for the annual meeting around the committee’s charge. .

Committee Composition:

Advisory Committee; composed of a chair and at least 10 members, including at least two students.