NameTerm EndsTitle
Deborah L. Nichols, PHD, RPA4/15/2024Board Liaison43096400
Elizabeth Pruitt, RPA Staff Liaison67606938


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NameTerm EndsTitle
Dana N. Bardolph, Ph.D.4/1/2022Member67586944
Casey Campetti, RPA3/31/2023Member67598203
Scotti M. Norman, Ph.D.4/15/2024Member67588516
Gabriela Ore Menendez, M.A.4/1/2022Member67591851
Meagan Thies-Sauder, MS Candidate3/31/2023Member67589598

Committee Charge & Composition

The charge of the Meeting Safety Committee is to recommend policies and procedures that address the safety of participants at annual meetings and other SAA-sponsored events, to advise on recruitment, training, and responsibilities of annual meeting safety volunteers, involvement in data-gathering and member-led oversight, and provisions for advocacy work that extends to developing and disseminating resources related to participant safety. For the 2020 meeting, the Meeting Safety Committee members will take on the role of “safety volunteers” and afterwards help us identify the kinds of situations it may face and the needs it might have. Throughout the process, the Committee would make recommendations to the Board regarding recruiting, vetting, and training safety volunteers for 2021 and beyond.