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NameTerm EndsTitle
Fumi Arakawa, Ph.D, RPA4/27/2025Member67365000
Maxine E. McBrinn, Ph.D4/5/2024Member66168800
Heather L. Smith, Ph.D.4/5/2024Member67585932
Robert J. Stokes, Ph.D.3/31/2023Member64954500
Loa P. Traxler, Ph.D.3/31/2023Member44806400
Carla R. Van West, Ph.D, RPA4/1/2022Member20450000

Committee Charge & Composition

Wase Scholarship Committee Charge

The Wase Scholarship Committee oversees and administers the Cheryl L. Wase Memorial Scholarship for the Study of Archaeology program in compliance with these guidelines. The Committee shall publicize the program, develop and distribute application materials, select the recipients from among eligible applicants, and monitor the progress and continuing eligibility of recipients.

Wase Scholarship Committee Composition

The committee shall be composed of a chair and seven members including two members from each Qualifying Educational Institution (UNM, ENMU, NMSU) and two members who are not currently employed by any of the qualifying universities. Members of the committee serve a four-year term. The chair shall be a faculty member of one of the Qualifying Educational Institutions and shall be considered one of the two representatives of that university. The committee chair is appointed by the SAA Board to serve a two-year term as chair (out of his or her four-year term on the committee). The chair should be rotated equitably among the Qualifying Educational Institutions.