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Kelley Hays-Gilpin, RPA3/31/2023Member44585500
Stephen E. Nash, Ph.D., RPA4/1/2022Member44916800
Deborah L. Nichols, PHD, RPA Member43096400
Ms. Kimberly Redman, RPA Member66553700
Oona Schmid12/31/2099Member, Ex-Officio67611466

Committee Charge & Composition


Committee Charge:

The Executive Committee:

  1. is composed of the officers and officers-elect of the Society with the Executive Director serving ex officio
  2. acts on behalf of the Board between regular meetings on issues requiring prompt action and which, in the consideration of the president, do not require full board action
  3. is responsible for the general supervision of the Society's finances
  4. submits a recommended annual budget to the Board for approval
  5. reviews monthly financial reports and serves as the Audit Committee for the Society, whose specific purposes are oversight of the accounting and financial reporting processes of the SAA and audits of the financial statements of the Society
  6. conducts the annual performance assessment of the Executive Director and determines compensation and conditions of employment
  7. prepares a draft agenda for Board meetings
  8. serves as an advisory committee to the Executive Director on personnel and office administration matters

Committee Composition:

Subcommittee of the board; composed of President, President-elect, Secretary, Secretary-elect, Treasurer, Treasurer-elect, and Executive Director (ex officio).