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Martin E. McAllister, M.A., RPA3/31/2023Chairmmcallister@cogstone.com44775000


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Caryn M. Berg, RPA3/31/2023Member44910800
Margaret W. Conkey, RPA4/16/2021Member34566200
Barbara Little, RPA4/1/2022Member12475400
David Hurst Thomas4/16/2021Member40102600

Committee Charge & Composition


Committee Charge:

The committee solicits nominations and selects recipients for the Lifetime Achievement Award. The award is presented in recognition of a member who has performed truly extraordinary service of positive and lasting quality to the Society for American Archaeology or to the profession as a whole.

(The award was first presented in 1975 and replaces the Distinguished Service Award)

Committee Composition:

Advisory Committee; composed of a chair and 4 members.