NameTerm EndsTitle
Maya Allen-Gallegos Staff Liaison67601444
Maria A. Gutierrez, Dr. Board Liaison67575322


NameTerm End Date
There are no records.


NameTerm EndsTitle
Jennifer Birch Member, Ex-Officio67572307
Charlotte M. Cable, PHD4/5/2024Member67572151
Sarah A. Herr, RPA Member, Ex-Officio45033600
Debra L. Martin, PhD Member, Ex-Officio65329500
Geoffrey McCafferty4/25/2025Member, Ex-Officio34207400
Horvey M. Palacios, M.A.4/25/2025Member67608516
Christina B. Rieth, RPA Member, Ex-Officio44993900
Christopher B. Rodning4/19/2024Member, Ex-Officio67578574
Maria Cecilia Sanhueza, Ph.D4/25/2025Member, Ex-Officio67618467
Christine R. Szuter, PhD4/5/2024Member67609047
Sjoerd Van Der Linde, Ph.D Member, Ex-Officio67611037

Committee Charge & Composition


Committee Charge:

The Publications Committee advises the Board and editors on policies concerning scholarly and professional publications of the society in all media, including, but not limited to, print and electronic (or digital) media, film, video, and audio. It also recommends to the Board candidates for editorial positions.

Committee Composition:

Standing Committee; composed of a chair and at least 6 members, plus the Board-appointed editors of SAA's publications, who serve ex officio. The Manager, Publications serves as staff liaison.

Committee Reports:

2022 Spring Committee Report (2022)