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Julie Esdale, PhD, RPA4/1/2022Member67069100
Jessi J. Halligan, Ph.D, RPA4/1/2022Member67574326
Edward R. Henry, Ph.D4/5/2024Member67582201
Amy M. Schott, Ph.D.3/31/2023Member67590675

Committee Charge & Composition


Current Committee Charge

The Geoarchaeology Awards Committee solicits proposals and selects recipients for the following three awards: the Douglas C. Kellogg Fellowship for Geoarchaeological Research, which supports Doctoral student research in the Earth sciences and archaeology; the Paul Goldberg Award, which supports Master’s student research in the Earth sciences and archaeology; and the Geoarchaeology Undergraduate Travel Award, which supports undergraduate student travel to present a geoarchaeological paper or poster at the SAA Annual Meeting.

Committee Composition

Committee composition is one chair and at least four members.