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Mark R. Agostini, Jr.5/1/2026Member67590176
Ann Brierty5/1/2026Member67601993
Leslie Keith Cappetta Member67614099
Sofia Consuelo Chacaltana-Cortez, Ph.D.5/1/2026Member67586325
Heather A. Lapham, Ph.D.,RPA5/1/2026Member64880300

Committee Charge & Composition

Committee Charge: The Board creates the Matthew Tobin Cappetta Scholarship Committee to oversee the Matthew Tobin Cappetta Scholarship and be responsible for developing guidelines and policy, publicizing the scholarship, selecting the recipient(s), monitoring the guidelines and policy, and recommending changes in guidelines as needed. Committee Composition: The committee will have one chair and at least two additional members, one of whom can be a Cappetta family representative who is not required to be a member of the Society.

Committee Reports:

2022 Spring Committee Report (2022)