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William M. Balco, Jr., Ph.D., RPA3/31/2023Member67574677
Mary Furlong Minkoff, RPA3/31/2023Member67597178
Suanna Selby Crowley, Ph.D, RPA4/5/2024Member66650800
Desiree R. Martinez, M.A., RPA4/5/2024Member67016000

Committee Charge & Composition


Current Committee Charge

The Awards for Excellence in Public Education Committee solicits nominations and selects recipients for the following three awards: the Distinguished Achievement in Public Archaeology Award to be given to an individual; the Outstanding Public Archaeology Initiative Award to be awarded to a discrete project/initiative with definite start and end dates; and the Excellence in Public Archaeology Programming Award to be given to an ongoing program. These awards are designed to recognize and encourage outstanding achievements by individuals, groups, organizations, and institutions in the sharing of archaeological knowledge and issues with the public.

Committee Composition

Committee composition is one chair and at least four members.