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Sarah Miller, MA, RPA Chairsemiller@flagler.edu67593668



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John G. Douglass, Ph.D., RPA Member65315300
Sarah A. Herr, RPA Member45033600
Meredith Langlitz Member67584921
Lori Lee, Ph.D. Member66636500
Patricia G. Markert, RPA Member67608148
Ben Marwick Member67586666
Maureen S. Meyers Member67574813
Gordon F.M. Rakita, Ph.D, RPA Member65350400
Sara Gale Read, RPA Member67596370
Eldon Yellowhorn, Ph.D Member67610197

Committee Charge & Composition

Task Force - Stage Two (TF-2) is envisioned as gathering input and feedback from the membership and stakeholder groups on the existing ethical principles. We expect the volume of this feedback to be considerable, thus this group will also distill and synthesize this feedback and provide both their raw data and their summary to the next task force. Charge: TF-2 should be charged with gathering feedback, comments, and ideas from the membership, standing committees, interest groups, and stakeholders and synthesize those materials. Composition: TF-2 needs to be large (12-15 members), with a diverse group of representatives and experts on ethical issues.