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Patricia Ayala, Ph.D Member67617528
Emily Dylla, Ph.D., RPA Member67607895
Sarah Kurnick Member67579403
Koji Lau-Ozawa Member67601814
Michael S. Nassaney, Ph.D, RPA Member10973100
Rebecca Renteria, M.A., RPA Member67600104
Michael Vincent Wilcox, Ph.D. Member65090600

Committee Charge & Composition

The Task Force is charged with advising the board on actions the SAA can take to promote decolonization in our profession, including but not limited to overseeing a resource guide for members and educators, crafting proposals to expand membership of and event participation by Indigenous archaeologists, and other member suggestions communicated to the society in the June 28, 2020, petition from the Indigenous Archaeology Collective. This Task Force will work closely with the Committee on Native American Relations.