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Zachary Nelson4/12/2019Chairzachary73@gmail.com67313200


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Gina M. Buckley, M.A.4/12/2019Member67598204
Andrea Elyse Messer, M.S., M.A., Ph.D.4/12/2019Member44981000
Meredith A. Wismer, Ph.D.4/24/2020Member67584733

Committee Charge & Composition


Committee Charge:

The committee solicits nominations and selects recipients for the Gene S. Stuart Award. The award is presented in recognition of outstanding efforts to enhance public understanding of archaeology.

Committee Composition:

Subcommittee of the Media Relations Committee; composed of a chair and at least 1 member. The Manager, Communications and Fundrasing serves as staff liaison. (Appointments to this subcommittee are made by the chair of the Media Relations Committee from among the full committee's members, and require no action by the SAA President or Board.)