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NameTerm Ends
Barbara Arroyo4/12/201944809900
Erin Baxter4/12/201967593420
Duane E. Peter, M.A., RPA4/12/201910853200
Scott Van Keuren, Ph.D., RPA4/12/201944985100

Committee Charge & Composition


Committee Charge:

The Nominating Committee nominates officers, members-at-large of the Board, and members of the Nominating Committee for the following year.

Committee Composition:

Standing Committee; as stipulated in the Bylaws, the committee is composed of a chair, 2 members elected by the SAA Board, 2 members elected by the SAA membership, and the Secretary who serves in a nonvoting ex officio capacity. The chair must be a former officer of SAA. Members of the committee and the chair are selected each year.