NameTerm End Date
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NameTerm Ends
Isabel M. Cordova, M.A., RPA4/12/201967601511
Sara L. Gonzalez, Ph.D.4/12/201967576411
Margaret Howard, RPA4/24/202043889300
Karimah O. Kennedy Richardson, RPA4/16/202167591225
Ora V. Marek-Martinez4/12/201967580911
Lylliam Posadas4/12/201967589093
Tsim D. Schneider, RPA4/24/202067571466
Wendy Giddens Teeter, Ph.D, RPA4/16/202144850800
Davina R. Two Bears, PhD Candidate4/16/202167608773
Stephen J. Yerka, MA, RPA4/16/202167575297

Committee Charge & Composition


Committee Charge:

The Native American Scholarships Committee oversees the Native American Scholarships program by developing guidelines and policy, publicizing the program, selecting the recipients monitoring the program, and recommending changes in guidelines as needed.

Committee Composition:

Advisory Committee; composed of a chair and 10-12 members.

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