NameTerm Ends
Andrea J. Alveshere, Ph.D.4/12/201967595112
Stephen B. Carmody4/12/201967588654
Samuel Duwe4/16/202167570037
Ian Kretzler4/12/201967597330
Joshua C. Massey4/24/202067602264
Peter A. Nelson, Ph.D., RPA4/12/201967589509
Kelsey Noack Myers, Ph.D., RPA4/24/202067596411
Christopher D. Noll, RPA4/12/201967571919
Chuck R. Riggs, Ph.D., RPA4/16/202144860000
Jack Rossen, Ph.D.4/16/202144814200
Elizabeth Watts Malouchos4/12/201967588395

Committee Charge & Composition


Committee Charge:

The Committee on Native American Relations works to increase understanding by archaeologists of the issues of concern to Native Americans, to promote understanding by Native Americans of the value and relevance of archaeology, and to foster better relationships between both groups.

Committee Composition:

Advisory Committee; composed of a chair and 12 members, including at least two students.