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Scott MacEachern4/24/




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Kenneth R. Aitchison, RPA4/24/2020Member67595941
Lawrence S. Coben, Ph.D4/24/2020Member67032400
Cyler N. Conrad, Ph.D., RPA4/24/2020Member67598760
Morag M. Kersel4/24/2020Member67570391
William Moss, RPA4/24/2020Member67606827
Michael Striker4/24/2020Member67591315
Ben S. Thomas, Ph.D.4/24/2020Member67260000

Committee Charge & Composition

This committee recommends policy positions on specific non-United States government issues to the SAA President and Board of Directors. These activities are directed by the Chair of the International Government Affairs Committee and they are carried out by IGAC members, who may draw on advice from a pool of previously identified experts in other countries. While the IGAC and GAC are independent committees it is expected that they will coordinate through the manager Government Affairs when needed, (e.g. US bilateral agreements with foreign governments). A Chair and up to 10 members, representing major politico-geographic regions and archaeology sectors (academic, CRM, governmental). The manager, Government Affairs serves as staff liaison to the committee.