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Sara K. Becker4/24/202067585842
Samuel Duwe4/12/201967570037
Donna M. Glowacki4/12/201944870000
Mary Ann Levine4/24/202044532300
Jane D. Peterson4/24/202044679800

Committee Charge & Composition

The IFR Undergraduate Student Awards Committee oversees this award program by developing guidelines and policy, publicizing the program, selecting the recipients, monitoring the program, and recommending changes in guidelines as needed. Additionally, the Committee will help the Executive Director organize and promote a morning reception for undergraduate students at the SAA annual meeting funded by a $500 contribution from IFR. The IFR Undergraduate Student Awards will consist of two prizes one for a paper and one for a poster each with a $1,000 prize provided by IFR. Posters and papers will be evaluated by members of the IFR Undergraduate Student Awards Committee based on the following criteria: excellence in presentation, originality of topic, and intellectual creativity. This committee is composed of a chair and 3 to 5 members.