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Philip J. Arnold, III4/16/2021Member24556500
Margaret E. Beck4/16/2021Member65316100
David M. Carballo4/12/2019Member67270900
Dr. Daron Duke, RPA4/24/2020Member66868200
Seetha N. Reddy, Ph.D, RPA4/12/2019Member67579299

Committee Charge & Composition


Committee Charge:

The committee solicits nominations and selects recipients for Excellence in Archaeological Analysis Award. The award is presented as special recognition of excellence by an archaeologist whose innovative research and enduring research contributions have had a significant impact on the discipline. The award recipient will have mastered the difficult challenge of bridging good ideas with empirical evidence or interpretive methods within a particular class of archaeological materials or over a broad range of materials.

(The award was first given in 2001 and replaces the Ceramic Studies Award and the Lithic Studies Award.)

Committee Composition:

Advisory committee; composed of a chair and at least five members, all of whom are familiar with aspects of archaeological research or analysis. Two of the members will represent ceramic analysis; two, lithic analysis; and two will represent other kinds of research and analysis or general, broad-based research and analysis skills. Each year two members will rotate off and new committee members will be selected. The positions will rotate among ceramics, lithics, and the unrestricted category such that, in the year is given in a specific category, the members from that category will rotate off.