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Anna S. Agbe-Davies4/12/201967572329
John W. Arthur4/12/201945020200
Timothy Beach4/12/201966719200
Ellen E. Bell, Ph.D.4/12/201967574826
Jonathan D. Bethard, RPA4/12/201967572936
David M. Carballo4/12/201967270900
Destiny Lynn Crider, Ph.D.4/12/201966741100
Laure Dussubieux4/12/201967586773
Michelle Elliott4/12/201967078600
Alejandro J. Figueroa, M.A.4/12/201967578644
Andrea K. Freeman4/12/201944759900
Kyle P. Freund4/12/201967586195
Daniel Garcia, M.A., RPA4/12/201967604254
Christopher P. Garraty, RPA4/12/201966543300
Charlotte Goudge, PhD, MA, RPA, CIfA4/12/201967600170
Mavis Greer, Ph.D, RPA4/12/201943830800
Colin Grier4/12/201944992900
Brett Hill4/12/201965088700
John W. Hoopes, Ph.D.4/12/201943760400
Kathleen L. Hull, RPA4/12/201943667000

Committee Charge & Composition

The Annual Meeting Program Committee works with the Executive Director to put together the scholarly program (papers and posters) for the Annual Meeting. Advisory Committee; composed of a chair and 20-30 members. The committee serves during the year leading up to the Annual Meeting for which it is responsible; the chair-designate should be appointed at least two years in advance of that meeting.