SAA's Committee / Taskforce Section

Native American Scholarships Committee

Dorothy T. Lippert, [2014]
NMNH Repatriation Office MRC-138
PO Box 37012
Washington DC 20013-7012
Fax: 202-786-2728


Kelley Hays-Gilpin, RPA, Board Liaison


Judson B. Finley, Ph.D [2014]
Patricia A. Garcia [2015]
Margaret Howard, RPA [2014]
Johna Hutira [2015]
Matt Liebmann [2015]
Desiree R. Martinez [2015]
Terry G. Powis [2015]
Anne K. Pyburn [2015]
Eirik Thorsgard [2015]
Christopher B. Wolff [2015]

Committee Charge:

The Native American Scholarships Committee oversees the Native American Scholarships program by developing guidelines and policy, publicizing the program, selecting the recipients monitoring the program, and recommending changes in guidelines as needed.

Committee Composition:

Advisory Committee; composed of a chair and 10-12 members.

Click here for information on the Native American Scholarships Fund (link)