SAA's Committee / Taskforce Section

Government Affairs Committee

Lee Rains Clauss, [2015]
2419 Threewoods Lane
Fullerton CA 92831
United States
Fax: (714) 582-2802


Jeffrey H. Altschul, RPA, Board Liaison
David Lindsay, Staff Liaison


Stanley C. Bond, Jr. [2015]
David S. Clarke, RPA [2015]
Dr. Timothy D. Maxwell [2015]
Dawn M. Rutecki [2014]
Alan C. Tonetti [2014]
John R. Welch, RPA [2015]

Committee Charge:

The Government Affairs Committee recommends policy positions on specific government issues to the SAA Board of Directors and provides archaeological expertise from the membership on a wide range of issues and from various parts of the country to support archaeological interests on Capitol Hill. The committee also identifies opportunities for SAA to support important state and local government preservation initiatives affecting archaeological sites. These activities are directed by the Manager, Government Affairs

Committee Composition:

Advisory Committee: composed of a chair and eight members, including at least two students. Ideally, an individual serves as chair of the full committee for the 2 years that coincide with a particular Congress (which always begins in January of an odd-numbered year). This individual begins a term on the committee (as chair-designate) at the annual meeting prior to the start of that Congress, serves as chair during that two-year Congress. The manager, Government Affairs serves as staff liaison to the committee and subcommittee.