SAA 82nd Annual Meeting
Vancouver, BC Canada
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  SAA 82nd Annual Meeting

Status: Active
Total Meeting Options: 14
Date: 03/29/2017 thru 04/02/2017
Early Registration Deadline: 03/01/2017
Onsite Registration Date: 03/01/2017

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Meeting Event Options   
Please Click Box To Be Excluded From Attendee List 12:00 PM   
Best Practices for Digital Data Management and Curation 01:00 PM   
Guest Registration - $25 Per Guest 02:00 PM  Qty.  
Student Member Welcome From SAA's Board of Directors 09:00 PM   
Cultural Heritage of Stanley Park 08:30 AM  Qty.  
Government Archaeological Work: Careers and Advancement 12:00 PM   
Living CRM: Equality Issues 12:00 PM   
Que(e)rying and Unpacking Discrimination in Archaeology 12:00 PM   
Cooking Up a Good Curation Strategy: 09:00 AM   
Exclusively for Students! Taking Care of Your Digital Data 09:00 AM   
Museum of Vancouver 09:30 AM  Qty.  
Using R for Archaeological Data Analysis 01:00 PM   
General Meeting Registration 02:00 PM   
Need Special Services Due To Disability 02:00 PM   

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