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Karyn M. De Dufour Member67612315
John F. Doershuk, Ph.D, RPA Member43869500
David A. Gadsby, Ph.D. Member67598744
Neha Gupta, Ph.D Member67594416
Sarah Whitcher Kansa, RPA Member67576188
Eric C. Kansa, PhD Member67581502
Keith W. Kintigh, RPA Member20509200
Ben Marwick Member67586666
Kelsey Noack Myers, Ph.D., RPA Member67596411
Scott G. Ortman, RPA Member64888100
Erik R. Otárola-Castillo, PhD, RPA Member67576196
Erick Robinson Member67584466
Jolene Smith, M.A.A. Member67604497
Russell Townsend Member66935400
Michael D. Troyer Member67588633

Committee Charge & Composition

The Board establishes Task Force on sharing Public Outcomes of CRM. The Board charges the Task Force with providing draft guidelines with the regard to the conditions under which site data including site location could be shared for legitimate research purposes. The Board requests a report to be presented by September 1, 2019 for the Fall meeting.