SAA 87th Annual Meeting

Welcome to the SAA 87th Annual Meeting Virtual Components!

Your fee gives you access to the two 2022 virtual components: (1) two experimental hybrid sessions, and (2) e-Posters, which are the posters presenters have uploaded to the virtual meeting site. To view the virtual components, please go to the virtual components site.

The two experimental hybrid sessions will be in person and online. The symposium “El Niño and the Archaeology of Resistance on the Peruvian Coast” will be live 8:00 a.m.–11:30 a.m. Central and the forum “Maritime Prehistory of Northeast Asia 1: Boating and Pleistocene Maritime Migration” will be live 1:00 p.m.–3:00 p.m. Central on Friday, April 1. Recordings of the sessions will be available after April 4 and also posted on the virtual components website.

Please note that each poster presenter will choose whether or not to upload their poster to the e-Poster Hall, so we do not know how many e-posters will be uploaded. You can find abstracts for posters, hybrid sessions, and any of the in-person sessions in the final abstracts on the website.

SAA staff created an FAQ to help answer questions you may have: People who purchase the virtual components access fee are not meeting registrants and do not have access to the in-person sessions, events, and exhibit hall in Chicago Illinois.

If you have any trouble with your login, please email [email protected]. SAA staff must set up, support, and take down the physical meeting in Chicago and staff may be slow to reply between March 26 and April 6.
3/30/2022 - 4/3/2022
Chicago, Illionis
Online registration not available.

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