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Elizabeth C. Reetz4/1/2022Chairelizabeth-reetz@uiowa.edu67598481


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Elizabeth Pruitt, RPA Staff Liaison67606938
Lynne P. Sullivan, PhD, RPA Board Liaison67585953


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Elizabeth A. Bollwerk, Ph.D.4/12/2019Member67577646
Carol E. Colaninno-Meeks, Ph.D, RPA4/24/2020Member67578965
Elizabeth K. Cruzado Carranza4/16/2021Member67591985
Adrianne Daggett, PhD.4/12/2019Member67577113
Meghan J. Dudley, M.A.4/16/2021Member67600040
Jeremy B. Freeman4/16/2021Member67593529
Zenobie S. Garrett, Ph.D., RPA4/12/2019Member67584207
Falicia Lindsey Gordon, M.A.4/16/2021Member67607432
Lara K. Homsey-Messer, RPA4/16/2021Member67131100
Timothy L. McAndrews, Ph.D4/1/2022Member65121400
Bernard K. Means4/16/2021Member44678700
Sarah Miller, MA, RPA4/24/2020Member67593668
Giovanna Morselli Peebles4/16/2021Member30642100
Mandy Ranslow, MA, RPA4/1/2022Member67582936
Rebecca Lynn Simon, M.A., RPA4/12/2019Member67593852
Kari A. Zobler4/24/2020Member67575219

Committee Charge & Composition



Part of the SAA's mission is to provide leadership in education about archaeology. The PEC is charged with providing expert advice to the Board on public education and outreach.

Committee Charge:

The PEC advises the Board on the interests and concerns of various audiences about archaeology and advises the Board about roles that SAA can play in their education. The PEC advises the Board on the needs of SAA members with regard to public education. The PEC carries out specific tasks as requested by the Board in conjunction with SAA staff. The PEC advises the Board about potential collaboration between SAA and other organizations that promote archaeological education. The PEC shall maintain and review the archaeological content of the Archaeology for the Public pages on the Society's website

Committee Composition:

Advisory Committee; composed of a chair and 15 members, including at least two students. The Manager of Education and Outreach serves as the staff liaison.

Network of State and Provincial Archaeology Education Coordinators