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Calogero M. Santoro, Ph.D.4/24/2020Chaircalogero_santoro@yahoo.com44864700


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Anabel Ford, RPA4/24/2020Member20541400
Thomas C. Hart, Ph.D4/24/2020Member67596386
Frances M. Hayashida, RPA4/16/2021Member67571600
Leah D. Minc4/24/2020Member67124300
Shawn G. Morton, Ph.D., RPA4/24/2020Member67576467
Eduardo G. Neves4/16/2021Member67584025
Maria-Cristina Pineda De Carias, MD, Physics4/16/2021Member67595604
Veronica I. Williams, Ph.D4/16/2021Member44935600

Committee Charge & Composition


Committee Charge:

The committee is charged with selecting a recipient for the Award for Excellence in Latin American and Caribbean Archaeology, to be presented annually in recognition of a member (regardless of national origin) who has made a lasting and significant contribution to the practice of archaeology and/or to the construction of archaeological knowledge in Latin America or the Caribbean.

Committee Composition:

The committee shall consist of eight members and a chair with representatives from the Southern Cone of South America, the Andes, Amazonia/Brazil, northern South America, Central America, the Maya region, central and northern Mexico, and the Caribbean. The chair shall be selected by the board and the committee shall be coordinated through the Awards Committee.