Committee/ Taskforce
Fundraising Committee
Committee Chair
Dr. Paul E. Minnis
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3332 N Calle Largo Tucson, AZ 85750 UNITED STATES



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NameTerm Ends
Erin Baxter4/12/201967593420
Tobi A. Brimsek 66737900
Margaret W. Conkey, RPA4/24/202034566200
Elise Jakoby Laugier4/24/202067606769
Ms. Jessica MacLellan4/12/201967584437
Margaret C. Nelson4/13/201867583624
Dawn Ramsey Ford4/12/201967575144
Christopher B. Rodning4/13/201867578574
Joseph Schuldenrein, RPA4/13/201843574400
Mark R. Schurr4/12/201944696500
E. Christian Wells4/13/201865142500
Thomas H. Wilson4/24/202067598347

Committee Charge & Composition


Committee Charge:

This Committee provides advice to the Board on all aspects of fundraising. It has direct responsibility for planning and (if necessary) implementing general SAA fundraising campaigns approved by the Board. It also provides advice and assistance to other SAA committees that are engaged in fundraising (i.e., each campaign led by another committee must be coordinated with a designated member of the Fundraising Committee). This committee will conduct ongoing education programs so that SAA members are informed about the Society's fundraising goals and results and encouraged to become life-long donors.

Committee Composition:

Advisory Committee, composed of a chair or co-chairs, 8 members and the Executive Director who serves ex-officio. Ideally, this committee would also have advisors who may consist of past Board members or others who have a good understanding of SAA's structure and governance.