Committee/ Taskforce
Committee on Museums, Collections and Curation
Committee Chair
Danielle M. Benden, RPA
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411 Sauk Street Lodi, WI 53555 UNITED STATES



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NameTerm Ends
Cynthia Ann Bettison, Ph.D, RPA4/13/201843757800
Sara E. Cole4/13/201867600112
Laura Costello4/12/201967603040
Jenna Domeischel, RPA4/13/201867592741
Dr. Amy B. Groleau4/13/201867571554
Bruce B. Huckell, Ph.D4/24/202020138900
April E. Kamp-Whittaker4/13/201867584592
Michelle Knoll4/24/202067573973
Dr. Michele L. Koons4/24/202067580426
Dr. Elizabeth A. Moore, Ph.D.4/12/201944646600
Angela J. Neller, M.A.4/13/201864950000
Wendy Giddens Teeter, Ph.D, RPA4/13/201844850800

Committee Charge & Composition


Committee Charge:

The Committee is charged to promote awareness, concern, and support for archaeological collections, associated records and reports, and the long-term Curation of collections and associated records. It advises the Board on issues and policies relating to the management of archaeological collections and museums, and responds to pressing issues affecting the SAA community. Priority is given to the proper Curation of archaeological collections and associated records.

Committee Composition:

Advisory committee; composed of a chair and up to 12 members, including at least two students. Members should represent government agencies (federal and state), museums and repositories (federal, state, university, private, and tribal), CRM firms, Native American communities, archivists (paper and digital), and conservators.