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Frances M. Hayashida, RPA4/12/2019Chairfmh@unm.edu67571600



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Kathy Roler Durand, Ph.D.4/12/2019Member44760200
Dr. Kelly L. Jenks, RPA4/16/2021Member67585879
Maxine E. McBrinn, Ph.D4/24/2020Member66168800
Heather L. Smith, Ph.D.4/24/2020Member67585932
Loa P. Traxler, Ph.D.4/1/2022Member44806400
William H. Walker4/24/2020Member44886700
Chip Wills4/16/2021Member10617900

Committee Charge & Composition

The Cheryl Wase Scholarship Committee oversees the Cheryl L. Wase Memorial Scholarship for the Study of Archaeology Scholarships program by developing guidelines and policy, publicizing the program, selecting the recipients from applicants, monitoring the progress of recipients and the program, and recommending changes in guidelines as needed. The committee will be composed of a chair and seven members. It is recommended that the committee be composed of two members from each institution (UNM, ENMU, NMSU) and two members from outside the state.