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NameTerm Ends
Barbara Arroyo4/16/202144809900
Alejandro J. Chu, Ph.D3/30/202067593107
Claire E. Ebert, Ph.D., RPA3/30/202067584554
Alexander Geurds, Ph.D.4/16/202167302100
Ryan S. Hechler4/24/202067585482
Frederick W. Lange, Ph.D3/30/202030003300
Tomas E. Mendizabal4/16/202167283400
Amalia Nuevo Delaunay4/16/202167591384
Matthew Piscitelli, Ph.D.3/30/202067572807
Christopher A. Pool, Ph.D.4/12/201967574843
Terry G. Powis, RPA3/30/202044724100
Isabel C. Rivera-Collazo, Ph.D.4/16/202167576730
Gabrielle Vail3/30/202044723900
Thomas A. Wake3/30/202044794400
Veronica I. Williams, Ph.D4/16/202144935600

Committee Charge & Composition

The Committee on the Americas makes recommendations to the Board concerning ways to enhance the society’s effectiveness in its international dimensions throughout the Americas. Advisory Committee; composed of a chair and 14 members, including at least two students, plus the editors of Latin American Antiquity and The SAA Archaeological Record who serve ex officio.