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NameTerm Ends
Barbara Arroyo4/16/202144809900
Alejandro J. Chu, Ph.D3/30/202067593107
Claire E. Ebert, Ph.D., RPA3/30/202067584554
Alexander Geurds, Ph.D.4/16/202167302100
Ryan Scott Hechler, M.A.4/24/202067585482
Frederick W. Lange, Ph.D3/30/202030003300
Tomas E. Mendizabal4/16/202167283400
Amalia Nuevo Delaunay4/16/202167591384
Matthew Piscitelli, Ph.D.3/30/202067572807
Christopher A. Pool, Ph.D.4/12/201967574843
Terry G. Powis, RPA3/30/202044724100
Isabel C. Rivera-Collazo, Ph.D.4/16/202167576730
Gabrielle Vail3/30/202044723900
Thomas A. Wake3/30/202044794400
Veronica I. Williams, Ph.D4/16/202144935600

Committee Charge & Composition

The Committee on the Americas makes recommendations to the Board concerning ways to enhance the society’s effectiveness in its international dimensions throughout the Americas. The committee is also charged with the annual selection of the Stanish Travel Award recipient and, with the executive director, the planning and execution of the biennial Conferencia Intercontinental Advisory Committee. Advisory Committee; composed of a chair and 14 members, including at least two students, plus the editors of Latin American Antiquity and The SAA Archaeological Record who serve ex officio.