Council of Affiliated Societies (CoAS)

The Council of Affiliated Societies (CoAS) was formed in 1989 for the mutual benefit of all, for the advancement of archaeology, and in order to further the objectives of the Society for American Archaeology. CoAS is composed of representatives of affiliated units. The purposes of CoAS are to establish a forum for the exchange of information and to develop discussion and communication, both among the affiliated units and also between the affiliated units, the Council, and the Society for American Archaeology.

CoAS is composed of one representative and one alternate from each affiliated society. The CoAS Policies and Procedures document is linked below. CoAS generally meets during the annual meeting of the Society for American Archaeology.

CoAS member societies receive The SAA Archaeological Record (the SAA news magazine) and the preliminary program for each SAA annual meeting.

View the CoAS Policies and Procedures 

Chair: Teddy Stickney

Secretary: Wendy Lockwood

To be eligible for affiliation, a regional, provincial, state, or local society must be an organized, incorporated group, open to the general public, and maintain legal recognition as a not-for-profit organization with bylaws, objectives, and programs that are consistent with those of SAA.

Click here to download the CoAS Application for Affiliation (pdf)
Please submit application and supporting documents electronically to SAA's Manager, Membership & Marketing, Cheryl Ardovini.
Annual Membership Dues are $35.00

The following organizations are current members: