Open Call for Volunteers for SAA Committee Service

Appointments for this cycle will begin at the close of the Annual Business Meeting in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Instructions: Please fill out the form below to express your interest in volunteering on an SAA committee. In order to serve, you must be a continuing member throughout your term of service. Forms will be reviewed by committee chairs and their Board liaisons in order to select committee members. Notifications will be made by January 20, 2017. A separate form must be used for each committee on which you would like to serve, and you may submit up to two separate forms.

Anyone currently serving on a committee (other than an awards committee) who would like to serve a second term must also submit a form through this call. You may serve two consecutive terms on the same committee other than for awards committees on which you may serve only one term. You may submit up to two separate forms during the Fall call for volunteers. The deadline for submission of all forms is December 2, 2016.

Please be aware that there are generally more volunteers than there are slots in any given year. In addition, one goal of the selection process is to ensure the diversity of perspectives on each committee. Thank you for your willingness to serve SAA in this way.


My SAA member profile and contact information are current
Please update my SAA member profile using the contact information below:

Please select one committee below that you are interested in joining (If you click on the committee name, it will take you to the Committee Charge and current membership):

2018 Annual Meeting Program Committee
Committee on the Americas
Committee on Awards
Book Award Committee
Chery L. Wase Scholarship Committee
Crabtree Award Committee
Excellence in Cultural Resource Management Award Committee
Committee on Curriculum
Dienje Kenyon Fellowship Committee
Dissertation Award Committee
Douglas C. Kellogg Fund Committee
Committee on Ethics
Fred Plog Memorial Fellowship Committee
Fundraising Committee
Government Affairs Committee
IFR Undergraduate Student Awards Committee
International Government Affairs Committee
Investment and Finance Committee
Excellence in Latin American and Caribbean Archaeology
Media Relations Committee
Minority Scholarships Committee
Committee on Native American Relations
Native American Scholarships Committee
Public Education Committee
Excellence in Public Education Award Committee
Publications Committee
Committee on Repatriation
Committee on the Status of Women in Archaeology
Student Affairs Committee
Student Paper Award Committee

(150 words maximum) Please describe to us your experiences, skills and/or interests that are relevant to the
committee’s charge. The Board established the following guidelines for evaluating applications and requests that you address these criteria directly in your statement:

1)Specific expertise and/or experience relevant to the committee’s work.
2)Diversity of viewpoints on the committee’s area of work.
3)Recruitment of new committee members to encourage broader member engagement.