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9th World Archaeological Congress 202084403.0067577939
American Anthropological Association84735.0067570480
American Cultural Resources Association79718.0067580155
American Rock Art Research Association84086.0067569616
Archaeological and Forensic Sciences, University of Bradford84746.0067582837
Archaeological Institute of America79544.0067577979
Archaeological Legacy Institute85237.0067597053
Balkan Heritage Field School83966.0067611442
BAR Publishing81796.0067604436
Berghahn Books85337.0066819100
Beta Analytic Inc.79407.0067569617
Betty Sanchez Jewelry85273.0067612115
Bone Boss Tools84751.0067611878
Brent Leftwich Photography85330.0067612158
Bureau of Land Management80306.0065205100
California State University, San Bernardino84876.0065172900
Cambridge University Press80188.0067569636
Casemate Academic82643.0067601568
Center for Applied Isotope Studies79328.0067607678
Center for Digital Antiquity79703.0067609018
Colorado Cultural Research Associates85239.0067612090
Cotsen Institute of Archaeology Press79541.0067596811
Council of Allied Societies (CoAS)84732.0067570542
Crow Canyon Archaeological Center84413.0066821600
Daiichigosei Co., Ltd.(TASUKI JAPAN)81190.0067601616
Digital Index of North American Archaeology (DINAA) - Open Context79988.0067607976
Dino-Lite Scopes79996.0067596865